1. HD quality

HD contains up to 5 times more pixels than ordinary DVD video. For proper reception you need a permanent internet connection faster than 15 Mb/s.

2. Online TV

We use the latest technologies, thanks to you can watch TV, movies and series online (IPTV).

3. TV archive

Watch shows and movies whenever you want.The TV will adapt to your time zone and your lifestyle. You can decide for yourself when and what you want to watch.

4. Video on Demand

Our collection of Polish and Polish-language films and series has over 5,000 items! We have a modern filter, due to you can adapt to your mood and preferences.

5. Multiroom

Let you connect up to 3 TV sets and other devices in one place. You will be able to watch different TV channels at the same time in different rooms.

6. Multiscreen

Use one subscription to watch TV and cinema by all the family 5 devices for one subscription at the same time: a tablet, a smartphone, a notebook, Smart TV Watching TV and the Cinema is available on iOS and Android mobile operational systems via 3G and 4G internet

7. TV program

plan watching your favourite TV programs watch only the most interesting to you here and now

8. Parental control

Manage the access to channels for adults hide channels from your children with the help of a password control the access to channels and video on Demand

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