The company’s mission

To create a full media space for the Polish to make it possible to watch their native Polish TV all over the world!

Our values

How to watch it?

There is no need to drag cables all over the house, to set huge antennae on your roof any more – all what you need is the internet connection. Our solutions may be used on all devices absolutely: Smart TV Samsung, Smart TV LG, Android receivers, Apple devices, PCs and even via your favourite internet browser. To watch Polish IPTV is now much easier, more convenient and more interesting!

Quality, reasonable saving and convenience!

Besides HD channels we have optimized our program software for the best watching possible. You will be able to enjoy an excellent picture and sound on any TV or mobile device. The exclusive system of the apparatus anti-aliasing makes it possible for you to watch Polish IPTV anywhere in the best quality! And, if you like to travel you will be able to take your receiver to any corner of the world with you or watch TV on your mobile phone or tablet.

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How to get the trial access?

1. Join or sign in on Planeta.TV.

2. Get your login and access password to your email

3. Turn on Planeta.TV and watch TV your own way!

Still have questions?

Call us +177 3312 42 58 If all our operators are busy please call us again a little bit later.

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