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What is the Polish TV Service Planeta.TV?

Planeta.TV (which is owned and operated by Planeta Media Inc., a company organized under the laws of the State of Florida, with registered address at 3300 NE 191 ST APT 1715, Aventura, FL 33180) is an innovative TV service from a Polish company, a pioneer in the digital TV branch. We offer you over 150 most popular Polish channels in digital quality for the first time in any world corner on the TV set screen!

Where does it work?

Our service works in any corner of the world: in the UK, USA, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands … The only condition is access to high-speed internet.

How to watch it?

Watching programs and movies is done in the same way as on a regular TV - with the help of a remote control and a set-top box (receiver). You just need to connect the receiver to the TV and router or modem.

What channels are included?

You will not miss your favorite movies and series anymore. At PlanetaPL.TV you have access to over 150 live channels on various topics: information, sports, film, music, entertainment, special channels for children and adults.

How much is it?

We offer special ways of payment per month and per year for every tariff plan. You may switch from one tariff plan to another at any time.

What to begin with?

Pay for the service1

Pay for the service

Select the most convenient option to get your receipts and payment process online. You will get access to the service after the payment on your email address specified when you signed in.
Purchase a TV media player2

Purchase a TV media player

If you want to try the service on your TV set, you have to buy a media player. You may purchase a media player with subscription or separately at any time. We recommend you to purchase the HDMI cable with a box. This will let you watch channels in the HD quality (1080 resolution)
Receive your media player at the post office3

Receive your media player at the post office

Your order will be essembled, handled, thoroughly packed and sent to your address which you will inform to our operator by the phone. The approximate time of the parcel shipment is 2-5 working days.
Connect your media player and TV4

Connect your media player and TV

As soon as you get your media player you have to connect it following the provided manual. 1. Connect the device to the TV set and choose the correct input. We recommend connecting a box with the HDMI cable (purchased separately). 2. Connect the media player to the router or the modem with the help of the CAT5 cable (included in the parcel). 3. Plug in the receiver and turn it on.
ENJOY Polish channels with PLaNETa.TV5

ENJOY Polish channels with PLaNETa.TV

Now you can watch TV your own way!

Try PlanetaPL.TV for free for 3 days!

Creating an account only takes 3 minutes!

Turn on free access and enjoy your favourite movies and TV in your native Polish language!

Get free access to your favorite movies and TV shows in Polish!

Joy guaranteed!

How to get trial access?

1. Register on the PlanetaPL.TV website.

2. Your password and login will be sent to the e-mail address provided.

3. Turn on PlanetaPL.TV and watch as much as you want!

Still have questions?

Call us +177 3312 42 58 If all our operators are busy, try a little later or write your question to

Try 3 days for free
We a not a TV Provider. We are not responsible for the content of television programs. We provide equipment rental services